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Welcome to the website for Cape Women’s Agricultural Association

It is a women’s organisation aimed at personal growth, giving their members the opportunity for personal advancement and community service. It allows members to work towards a healthy family life; effectively give attention to those less fortunate with various needs, and to offer their service in this regard.

The organisation offers an interesting monthly programme through the medium of talks, demonstrations, debate, exhibitions, discussions, as well as organized educational outings on Arts and Crafts, Health, Education and Culture, Lifestyle, Public Affairs and Agriculture and Horticulture


Two goals of the CWAA are to assist and encourage women to become more knowledgeable and to help by noticing a problem within the community and then to come up with a solution.

This is done through projects whereby the CWAA can reach out  to individuals, groups and the community as a whole

The project for this year is: Plastic, our enemy

The new theme for August 2019 – August 2020 is: Invest in Women

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