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At AgriFinance Hub, we pride ourselves in offering leading-edge Asset Finance Solutions. Together with ROVICLEERS we source finance for all assets available at RovicLeers. Our service is similar to that of a Bond Originator, we do the legwork and submit the paperwork to the 4 major banks and get comparison quotes, should you qualify we also submit the application to a FSB approved Funder who offer an Operating Lease with ownership ( Rent-to-Own) . You can now compare all the rates without having to jump through hoops at each financial institution, making the process of owning your next asset of ROVICLEERS so much easier , you sit back and choose the option that suits you best, either a Bank Loan or Rent-to-Own.

  • What is an Operating Lease with ownership (Rent-to-Own)?
    An operating lease is a term contract for the use of equipment during a fixed term, with ownership option and the end of term. Product therefore does not reflect in client`s asset register.
  • Why Operating Lease rather than Hire Purchase?
    An operating lease does not affect your balance sheet`s debt ratio, which means it has no impact on your other facilities such as over draft, production loans or bonds , it is Off Balance Sheet Funding.
  • What is value of product at end of term?
    Value of product is determined by dealership that does trade-in, full value of product belongs to the client, this is the reason ownership option is given on contract.
  • What is the benefit of 0% Deposit?
    Creates cash-flow, opportunity cost of capital is important for any business.
  • What is interest rate?
    Premium is calculated according a fixed rental premium, no interest rate is quoted.
  • How does VAT payment work?
    Vat is payable monthly on invoice, creating a better Vat claim over term
  • Premium Terms.
    Premiums are payable monthly or quarterly, normally in advance or arrears depending on client.
  • TAX Benefits
    Premiums are 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE as an Operating Expense over term.
  • Can I settle anytime?
    Yes, settlement can be requested and will be calculated according to outstanding term.
  • Who Pays Insurance and Maintenance?
    The client pays as per normal conditions for hire purchase

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