Meeting Rouchelle

Rouchelle Liedeman-Marais is a singer and performer who joined our team for a songwriting retreat. As an opportunity for artists to escape in a tranquil environment, she explains this much-needed process as an opportunity to be calm, and just “be” in the most beautiful setting. “I am completely humbled to be a part of this team that will impact South Africa in a way that we never thought it would,” says Liedeman-Marais.

What are some of the opportunities you’ve had growing up?

Rouchelle uncovered an opportunity through a school teacher who believed in her when her parents didn’t have the money to send her to music school. “I am one of those people who never studied. I believe that my talent made room for where I am today. And it’s only by God’s grace.” After years of radio work, Rouchelle continued to move forward and explore television. “Who I am today is by the grace of God. Sometimes we think we need to go and study, and yes, we do need to equip ourselves. But if we don’t have the ability or the money to do that, God still has a plan at the end of the day.”

What are some of the challenges we experience as a nation?

To make a difference, Rouchelle believes that we need to put our own thoughts and opinions aside. Individuals need to think about what type of change can help change in the country and instil that in everything that you do. “It’s important to look within yourself and find a way to change.”

What are your words of encouragement for those in need of hope?

“As an artist, I really feel that so many times we look straight into the negative. And sometimes we have to start looking for the gold. If you look for the gold, you will find it. And if you look for the negative, you will find it. Concentrate on the positive and look beyond your faults. Change starts with you.”