Meeting Rita Springer

Rita Springer, worship singer from Dallas in Texas, joined us on our songwriting retreat. “I’ve been on the road for over 20-years as a recording artist. I started out writing worship music from a young age and then ended up with a church called ‘The Vineyard’. I started recording and writing songs for them, and then years later, they ended up with a record label where we began travelling and touring.”

What are some of the opportunities you had growing up?

Rita believes that worship and building a relationship with God opened the doors for her, not her music. “I don’t think the music opened the doors; I just think the music became an avenue to worship and spread worship.” She continues, “I didn’t formally train in music or finish a college degree. I was in theatre for a while, played the piano and just started leading worship in church.”

What are some of the challenges that keep us away from harmonious relationships?

Springer passionately explains, “If you truly engage with God as a father, a friend, a saviour or a side-by-side companion, I don’t know how you can’t be changed. I don’t know how you can’t hear the will of God or the way of God. I do believe that we are flesh engaged with spirit, but I believe that we were made to be fully spirit and then have the flesh. So, if people got more engaged with the spiritual aspects of who God is and listen to His voice, I don’t think we would have the diversity dilemma that we have.”

What are your words of encouragement for those in need of hope?

“Finding out what you burn with. I think we are all made with a wick that doesn’t go out. But a lot of us don’t know how to light the wick or why the wick burns.” She says that she always asks people what they burn for when trying to encourage them. “For me, it took a while to find out that whenever I sat down at the piano, my objective was to throw courage into the atmosphere. I wanted people who listened to me feel the courage of the Lord.” She continues, “the rumour is true… I am going to change the world. It’s time you listen to the rumour and change the world by making a difference today!”