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Norman has a combined passion for design and photography and has been pursuing his passion for over 40 years. Norman reflects on his life of creativity and recalls his first drawing when he was only two and a half years old. He loved creating and turned his hobby into a career. During Norman’s career,he and his wife started their ownstudio. Gradually, they turned into 13-person team, converting an old double decker bus into a studio office. After many years of creating work with his dynamic team, Norman says that they have yet again transitioned to just the two of them. Norman continued by saying that he prefers the intimacy of their duo and being able to do selected work, like the work they did for in Harmonie.

More about Norman Hannah’s work for in Harmonie

“For Hanna Design&Photography this is one of the most significant projects ever undertaken by our company,” says Norman. He continues by saying that creatively, it became a combination of their photography, graphic design and most importantly, their faith.Norman worked with a close friend ofHanneli Rupert-Koegelenberg, on a piece of art with the scripture “I created, I am”. Hanneli had seen the work and fell in love with the piece immediately and requested a meeting with the artist, Norman Hannah to discuss an art project for in Harmonie.

The in Harmonie creative project brief was ‘very open,’ says Norman. Based on the ‘Fruits of the Spirit’ theme, Norman was briefed to come up with a concept for each lounge/meeting area for the 6x cottages at in Harmonie.

Norman came back with concepts, amplifying the “Fruits of the spirit” through typography combined with photography and design, placing the individual words on a white on white embossedbackground. While completing the work, Hannah Design closely combined the artwork with the photogenic venue, colour coding the words to the surroundings of in Harmonie.The selection of images brought the beauty of the environment from outside

right into the tranquil dwelling of each peaceful lounge setting and the photography was carefully selected to give a dramatic colour overtone of each colour- themed cottage.

Norman’s work and moving from a state of disharmony to harmony.

Norman describes that he finds harmony through his work and scripture. “It speaks to the simplicity of life,” says Norman. The combination of typography and design truly creates something significant, says Norman. Combining scripture with something visual, based on foundational pillars such as the fruit of the spirit, beautifully ties into the theme of moving towards harmony.

Norman concludes by saying that they aimed at capturing the essence and gentle strength of rest, restoration and restitution of in Harmonie. “A picture is worth a thousand word,” says Norman. This English language-idiom refers to the notion that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single still image.“By freezing the moments through photography and typography, we aimed at sharing the charm of change with guests,” says Norman. As a compliment to time spent in this unique setting, Norman says that he trusts the imagery displayed will continue to arrest the hearts of viewers and encourage deep change within.