Job title and a bit more about yourself.

Mickey Wilkins is the founder of The Domino Foundation. His twelve years of experience as CEO has helped guide many churches and NPO’s into greater fruitfulness.He is now the managing director of Domino Business – a group of companies fully owned by the NPO, as a sustainability fund and an agent for market-place transformation.

Can you briefly name a few of the opportunities you had while growing up that made you the person you are today?

Mickey emphasises three key events that stood out in his life. The first one is when he became a Christian at the age of 32. After being saved, Mickey referred to himself as a ‘receiver’ in the spirit for the first few years.Mickey describes this as having an attitude ofreceiving, rather than giving. This was up until the day that the church ran a course on discovering your gifting and found that God had given him the gift of administration and leadership. Mickey then went to one of the pastors at the church and shared this new-found insight. The pastorthen replied, “Great! Now lead people to their chairs.” And so, it began. Mickey further explained that this was one of the first things that flipped his faith into becoming more of a giver.

The second opportunity that Mickey felt made a monumental impact on his life, was the time that he and his wife,Toniwere prophesied over. The prophecy declared that God had a very special purpose for the two of them. It re-emphasised that Mickey andToni would walk in faith and have a big impact on the community,  and in a very different way. Lastly, Mickey mentions the impact of his mentor,Gavin Simpkins, who truly shaped Mickey along with his journey. His mentor isan experienced and skilled businessman, whom Mickey looksup to.  He has walked a path with Mickey and assisted him with strategic input once a week for the last six years. Mickey spoke about how this shaped him into becoming a better leader through various books shared and advice given. Today, Mickey has mentored many other people and given them those same books that were given to him to read and study.

Can you briefly describe your experience at in Harmonie?

When Mickey first heard of the conference he would attend at in Harmonie, he explained that he expected a somewhat ‘normal experience.’ Mickey continues to say that once he arrived, everything was quite different to what he expected. “The rhythm of the day called for three times of reflection and truly brought God’s presence into where we were,” said Mickey.  The digesting of words and the flow of the entire experience truly allowed one to reflect. One thing that also stood out for Mickey was the layout of the garden walk, with every nook, cranny and space designed with purpose. “It made me think of how I use my space, the worth of that space and how I can bring God into the story and the layout of my life.”

What do you think some of the challenges are in building a more harmonious South Africa?

Mickey explains that there are still various practices that are unjust, and it calls for an intervention. However, Mickey says he’s “used to putting on boxing gloves.” He has always been involved in fighting injustice,and the reality is, that in the business and social sphere, wealth creation isn’t all-inclusive. Whether it’s in entrepreneurship, small businesses or start-ups, there are important discussions still to be had. Mickey emphasises that what he gained from the conference, in meeting people from other cities, was that people have such different experiences, all in the same country, which is why it was great to  come together and speak amongst each other at in Harmonie.

How do you think a person moves from a state of disharmony to harmony?

Personally, Mickey believes that one moves to a space of personal harmony through spending time with God and hearing His words spoken. The key is in quieting down with an almost objective perspective of yourself and your situation, says Mickey. “Don’t be so involved with the busy-ness of it all and quiet the spirit down,” Mickey continued.

How do you and your organisation engage in this process of change?

Mickey spoke about The Domino Foundation and Domino Business, which are called “Domino” based on the Domino effectwhich they have been witness to, as one changed life has led to changed families and to changed communities. “Together we are challenging norms and speaking hope into spaces,” says Mickey. “Domino” translates in Latin to Lord or Master, with the Domino Effect meaning “The Effect of God”. Mickey says that this constantly reminds their team where their hope and power comesfrom.

Furthermore, Mickey spoke about how their organisation is in “the business of transformation.” This includes changing the attitudes of those who hold wealth. Mickey elaborates on how his credibility in the business and non-profit space has given him access to a network of influential business leaders.“Through these relationships I have access to forums and meetings and use these opportunities to influence a change in attitude and approach, leading to transformation and better future for the next generation,” says Mickey.

Any words of advice or encouragement you would like to share with those who feel like they have lost hope.

Mickey concluded by saying that we should not be discouraged by the status quo and need to remember what God has called us to do. “We can make a positive influence right where we are, in the space where we currently find ourselves in.” Through love and acceptance, Mickey continues, we will combat the hopelessness and discouragement ofwhat surrounds us.