Meeting Lesego Senwamadi

Lesego Senwamadi is a singer who joined our songwriting retreat. She describes this experience as a complete transformation –a place where she experienced serenity and power. “The most transformative thing was to have a sense of community again, under the ministry of Rita Springer. She was so courageous in the way that she ministered to us, and so generous in the way that she poured out her gift. I also enjoyed the reconciliation that happened between people of different ethnic groups. We had genuine, authentic conversations about racial unity and what transformation means for South Africa.”

What are some of the opportunities you had growing up?

“My biggest opportunity in life was an encounter I had with God. I got saved watching television”, Lesego laughs. “I picked up my phone and dialled the number on the screen. And ever since that, I felt a sense of newness. I felt like I was born again.” At varsity, she discovered campus ministry which introduced her to a different way of doing life, a different culture altogether. “After I was saved, I was doing this Jesus walk alone, and the moment I stepped into a community, everything changed. I believe that was the key opportunity: being around people who are connected to the heart of God.”

What are some of the challenges we experience as a nation?

Lesego believes that what is required from us, as individuals, is an encounter with God. “He is the only one who can change people from the inside. Once we’ve encountered God, we need to really continue to journey with Him in our everyday life and pursue Him, even in the little things. Because that is what makes the difference. That is what brings the “harmony” in the most mundane things.” Lesego believes that we need to honour people by seeing God in them. “From this, we will be able to understand each other. As South African’s, our gift is in diversity. And in diversity, there is vibrancy and brilliance.”

What are your words of encouragement for those in need of hope?

“I believe the ‘hope’ going forward is God. I believe that transformation rests in our country having an encounter with God.” She encourages people to pray and to interact with each other so that we can understand people’s stories. “Give ear to people’s narrative. It will give people a sense of context.”