Job Title and more about Laurie Doden:

Laurie Doden is the executive director of the ‘EnGedi Group’ which is a group of ministry leaders, business leaders and their families. Laurie grew up in a business family and ran their family foundation for 15 years as well as their family business for five years. Laurie continues to say that she feels like the Lord has truly given her a heart for business and ministry.

What do you think are some of the challenges in building a more harmonious South Africa?

Laurie explains that she believes that Christ is the one who holds all things together and if there is going to be harmony, it has to be with all things integrated and in God. In her life, Laurie has met business leaders who were religious and went to church, but who she felt did not fully represent Him or understand what it means to engage with Him. “The dichotomy between belief and practice in the marketplace was just heartbreaking,”says Laurie.

Laurie continues by explaining that her heart is to see the realities of who Christ is, being lived out in pragmatic and transformational ways in the marketplace and the ministry.

Laurie adds that she believes that the leader determines the life of the organisation. Laurie then spoke about how she prays that this breakthrough period in South Africa will provide leaders in the marketplace, in government and ministry to all come together and bring a different spirit and reality to South Africa.

How do you and your organisation engage in the process of change?

For Laurie, she is very focused on the life of leaders. Laurie has worked with multiple different organisations over the years and said that almost always, a breakthrough involves the leader. “When the leader goes through a transformational process, the rest will follow,” says Laurie. Laurie engages with leaders in multiple different ways. One of them, which has intersected with inHarmonie, has been the Journey of Generosity. Lauriespoke about her love for the Journey of Generosity programme and how it lies with the heart of people.Laurie continues by saying that she believes that if the heart is transformed, then the rest is transformed. “Where your treasure is, there is your heart,” says Laurie.

How do you see the way forward personally, for your organisation and South Africa?

“The Lord has brought me here on a faith journey like never before,” says Laurie. Laurie continues to beautifully explain that she is here because God has led her journey every step of the way. Personally, Laurie sees the way forward as spending more time with the Lord and listening to His directions. “For me, it’s obedience andwalking and trusting that if I obey, the Lord will bring fruit,” Laurie explains.

Can you briefly name a few opportunities you had while growing up that has shaped you in becoming the person you are today?

“My parents had the great gift of hospitality,” says Laurie. Laurie grew up with many missionaries and international people around their dinner table growing up where everyone was always given a voice to express themselves. “Just sitting around the dinner table and engaging and asking questions,” says Laurie. That was one of the opportunities that Laurie feels sparked her heart for other nations.

Laurie also reflects on the various opportunities she has had to travel the world and experience different cultures. These experiences were significant to her as she says the Lord changed her perspectives of not only who He is, but also her entire perspective of the world. “I think it was very transformational to my growth and desire to be serving Him with the international bodies of Christ.”

Any words of advice to those who feel like all hope is gone?

Laurie concludes by saying that King Jesus is seated on his throne, high and lifted up and He is victorious. “We’re seated with Him,and we’ve been given the opportunity to bring the hope that’s already purchased for us,onto earth as it is in Heaven. It will be visible in Heaven one day, but it is our job to make it on earth as it is in heaven. He is victorious, I am seated with Him,and nothing is impossible.I can’t be hopeless if I know that nothing is impossible for Him.’’