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    Gidimo App was gifting MTN end users free information for more than a calendar year now if I’m not mistaken, when they started this particular activity, they truly gave away 150MB free data to most MTN people who download and then register their app. After checking lately, I simply unearthed that they reward their customers with 200MB complimentary data, to activate yoursclick on here.

    Even the Amazing information is you could get more compared to the 200MB info you are trying to become from Gidimo, did I say 200MB info? You can even obtain a lot more than 400MB, 1GB totally free data to a MTN SIM card in Gidimo app, to achieve this particular feat, attentively follow the measures which I’m planning to list out here.

    The way to Capture greater than 400MB free data on MTN using Gidimo program

    Down Load GIDIMO program Right Here

    Log in Or sign up with all the MTN number you’d like to utilize to get the data

    Harness the SUBSCRIBE button at the very top. Select STANDARD PLAN and pat on SUBSCRIBE.

    Harness HAVE A GIDIMO CODE? Typein MTN2020gidimo subsequently tap on the LOAD button

    Do not Pick any cost option, shut it and return to the main webpage

    Exit that the Program and launch it again

    Now you Have to observe a popup telling letting you know that you have 1GB info. Deliver it into the MTN SIM card that you found in enrolling.

    This can be The first step to accessing 1GB absolutely free information, in case you are new into this app, you also had better become 200MB absolutely free information. The very fantastic news is the fact that Gidimo comes with a referral application and this referral program provides you 400MB free data whenever you encourage a buddy to subscribe to Gidimo SSP.

    The way to Accumulate the information

    Now, Invite because much individuals as you can using your personal exceptional referral link, you also will get yours by clicking the term; Get 400MB when a buddy you invited subscribes to gidimo SSP. When you just click that, you will be displayed a menu with a list of alternatives to share with your connection and also the best anyone to choose would be Copy to Clipboard.

    Later Copying the link, let your good friend concerning the app and also let them adhere to the process listed above you should have 400MB whenever they stick to through the procedure and they really should receive 1GB absolutely free data for after a procedure.

    The last Thing I would really like to tell you will be that it may possibly well not get the job done to you whether you overlook a Measure and also we believe this can be really a glitch from the app which may be adjusted shortly Enough so grab your own completely free data today just before it has blocked. The info routed to Your MTN SIM card out of Gidimo program will continue for 7 weeks, a week. You are able to dial up ∗460∗260# to assess on your data equilibrium. In case You confront any problem by having the very own absolutely free data, feel free to drop a remark Beneath.

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