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The CWAA is a women’s organisation for personal growth which offers its members opportunities for personal advancement and community service. Members are thereby enabled to establish a healthy family life, to effectively attend to community needs and to be of service in this regard.

As part of what we do, the CWAA offers interesting monthly programs with lectures, demonstrations, debates, exhibitions, shows, discussions at meetings, as well as organised educational trips on Art and Craft, Health, Education and Culture, Lifestyle, Public Affairs and Agriculture and Horticulture.


Two of the objectives of CWAA are to assist and encourage women to become more knowledgeable and to help identify and resolve needs in the community.

This is done through an annual project whereby CWAA reaches out to individuals, groups and the community.

The project for this year is: Plastiek, ons vyand / Plastic, our enemy

The new theme for August 2019 – August 2020 is : Belê in Vroue / Invest in Women

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